Don’t Leave Home Without It

Travel Must-Haves from the IAVRA Team

Fadi- “I’m really looking forward to travelling with my new iPad. I love reading the Sunday Times on it… no more folding needed!”

JC- “I never leave the house without packing less than double the amount of clothing that is actually required. For the plane, I can’t live without a cozy scarf and my Mzungu Sisters fur-lined moccasins- they’re perfect for keeping my toes toasty and stylish”

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Travel Photo Inspiration- Cumalıkızık, Turkey


The village of Cumalıkızık in Turkey dates back to the Ottomans. Charming, authentic, and unspoilt by tourists, this hidden gem is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. Wander along cobbled streets and immerse yourself in the history permeating every alleyway. It’s a detour from the beaten path that’s most definitely worth taking.

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Recipe for a Road Trip

Road trips… one of our favourite ways to vacation. The open road provides freedom and spontaneity, making travelling more about the journey than the destination. Here’s our winning recipe:

On the Road Layer Cake

Time: 2- 500 hours, according to preference. Serves: 4 or more, depending on vehicle.


1 car (we have our eye on this Mercedes SL350 convertible from Auto-Europe UK)

1-4 friends (sift out high-maintenance ones or complainers)

1 map or GPS

3-5 mixtapes or 1 iPod (Try this retro road trip mix from

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