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#TTOT Roundup- Expat Travel

As always, #TTOT or Travel Talk on Twitter is a fantastic place to go for insider tips, wise words, and the occasional dirty joke about all your favourite travel topics. If you missed it, have a look at our favourite answers. Share your own responses with us in the comments!

Q1 via @christinahegele: Where would you love to be an expat and why?

unbravegirl: Some place with cheese. Asia is great, but 5 years without decent cheese is KILLING me.

Liligo_UK: Loved being an expat in Spain… lots of sangria and flamenco dance parties in Granada’s caves!

MagellanPR: Jakarta or Hong Kong- so you can travel all across the far east & Australia as such a central place

MalloryOnTravel: I’ll be an expat anywhere that I haven’t left an ex-girlfriend

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What is #TTOT?

Twitter hashtags can sometimes be a mystery, but if you’re interested in travel, then #TTOT is the one to know! It stands for Travel Talk on Twitter, a weekly chat every Tuesday where members of the travel community like travel bloggers, destination experts, and like-minded lovers of travel come together to chat about a weekly topic.

Questions and topics are submitted via the Facebook page, and then on Tuesdays the chat kicks off with a bang! TravelDudes gives you the lowdown here.

Today’s topic is “Expat Travel,” so join us on Twitter (we are @IavraVillaAssoc) to share your thoughts… see you there!