Will the Greek economy affect your summer holiday?


With sun, sea, and summer on our minds, many of us are dreaming of a holiday in Greece. But with the economic crisis, is it safe?

Pack your bags and book your flights, because Greece is just as inviting as before the crisis. In fact, you may even have a better trip! With the euro weakening, many families have been blessed with cheaper holidays.  Although the country is perfectly safe, some holiday accommodations have been offering discounts in order to draw people back to this luxurious destination.

In addition to possible savings, the islands have become increasingly quiet. The strikes and protests have been taking place in the larger cities, like Athens and Thessaloniki, leaving visitors basking peacefully in the sun on the islands. If you want a break from sunbathing and boat rides, shopping and local restaurants in the lovely villages of places like Mykonos are perfectly welcoming as well. With smaller crowds, beaches and towns will be more enjoyable and less chaotic – ideal for a summer getaway.

So don’t let the economic downfall fool you – Greece is resilient and has been dealing with strikes for over 35 years while vacationers have been obliviously enjoying the sultry islands. And with a large selection of IAVRA properties located in places like Santorini and Antiparos, there are plenty of beautiful beaches and stunning villas ready to welcome you all.

To book your villa holiday and get in touch with your IAVRA agent or if you’d like a recommendation of an IAVRA agent, please contact us at info@iavra.com.

Great travel tips for your trip to Greece:

  1. Order your taxi in advance, assuring you a stress-free arrival at your villa.
  2. Use a travel agent to book your holiday. They can assist you through any obstacles you may come across.
  3. Visit http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/europe/greece for further information about personal security during your holiday in Greece.



HomeAway slammed with scams


Vacation rentals can be a dream…. or a nightmare. Can you imagine turning up to your luxury Italian villa only to realise that it doesn’t even exist? Scammers can easily steal the details of properties from legitimate websites and then repost them to listings sites like HomeAway without the owner knowing. It’s so important to only book with reputable agencies, who will be able to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

Beware of agencies which don’t have control over their portfolios… Check out this great Washington Post article for more information about how HomeAway shirks responsibility and essentially allows scammers to operate without consequences.

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The Traveller’s Guide to Happiness

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IAVRA’s Valentine’s Day picks

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.  For many, this means strong feelings in either a positive or a negative way.

Some of us are romantics who love Valentine’s Day, celebrating wholeheartedly with pink champagne, nibbling on chocolate and sending red roses to their loved ones, whilst for others is a day of anxiety and loneliness. There are also cynics who think Valentine’s is just a day for business to earn big bucks.  What’s your opinion?

Our staff at IAVRA are a bunch of romantics so I asked them some questions about their Valentine’s opinions.

What is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s?

JC- “With friends if you’re single and at home with the one you love if you’re attached.”

Tianna- “With all your friends (couples and singletons alike). Make it a potluck so everyone can take part. Don’t forget the red wine and of course chocolate cake for desert. One big love fest is the way to go.”

Yasmine- “Doing something you love with someone you love.”

Sally- “Celebrating all forms of love – friends or lovers!”

Filippa- “The most important thing is to celebrate with someone you love, either friends, family or your love partner.”

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Fall in Love with España

Locks of Love on the Isabel II Bridge in Triana

With the year at a fresh start, the stunning country of Spain is looking more enticing every day. Whether you want to get lost in the romance of art history or run wild with the bulls in the Encierro, España is a perfect destination for any travelling personality.

La Feria in Seville is ideal for those in need of a traditional, yet energetic Spanish experience in the Spring – a place where the Flamenco comes alive and music drifts through the air. For the calmer souls, peaceful tours of the most famous museums in Madrid are an enlightening and popular choice. But with culture oozing out of every city corner, nature lovers will also be pleased to know that bike excursions in Girona are an exhilarating escape from city life into la naturaleza. Full story »

IAVRA in the Independent- “A scam of Olympic proportions”

Check out our tips in leading UK newspaper The Independent for avoiding scams when booking accommodation for the Olympics!

How to Go Anywhere (From Your Chair)

Whether you’re gearing up for a big trip or just fantasizing about travelling, the combination of these web tools will take you anywhere in the world.

Streetview Stereographic transforms a single location into a tiny planet using a 360 degree panorama. Try putting in your address, or explore New York City in a way that you’ve never before experienced. It’s addicting.

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ILTM- International Luxury Travel Market

The IAVRA team has jetted off to Cannes to exhibit at the International Luxury Travel Market. From December 5-8, top industry movers and shakers will gather in the south of France to network and find out about the latest companies and innovations in luxury travel.

Check out the #iltm action on Twitter, and stay up to date with what’s up by following us @IavraVillaAssoc. If you’re attending ILTM, stop by for a chat with John-Christian Moquette and Sybil Napolitano! We are exhibiting at stand C200.

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