IAVRA in the Independent- “A scam of Olympic proportions”

Check out our tips in leading UK newspaper The Independent for avoiding scams when booking accommodation for the Olympics!

How to Go Anywhere (From Your Chair)

Whether you’re gearing up for a big trip or just fantasizing about travelling, the combination of these web tools will take you anywhere in the world.

Streetview Stereographic transforms a single location into a tiny planet using a 360 degree panorama. Try putting in your address, or explore New York City in a way that you’ve never before experienced. It’s addicting.

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ILTM- International Luxury Travel Market

The IAVRA team has jetted off to Cannes to exhibit at the International Luxury Travel Market. From December 5-8, top industry movers and shakers will gather in the south of France to network and find out about the latest companies and innovations in luxury travel.

Check out the #iltm action on Twitter, and stay up to date with what’s up by following us @IavraVillaAssoc. If you’re attending ILTM, stop by for a chat with John-Christian Moquette and Sybil Napolitano! We are exhibiting at stand C200.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Travel Must-Haves from the IAVRA Team

Fadi- “I’m really looking forward to travelling with my new iPad. I love reading the Sunday Times on it… no more folding needed!”

JC- “I never leave the house without packing less than double the amount of clothing that is actually required. For the plane, I can’t live without a cozy scarf and my Mzungu Sisters fur-lined moccasins- they’re perfect for keeping my toes toasty and stylish”

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Ski Roundup- Newsletter Feature

We can’t wait to start schussing down the slopes at our favourite ski resorts… but how to choose the destination? Our selection of chalets spans the globe, so you are spoilt for choice, no matter where your priorities lie. Here are our top picks for Europe:

Best for… Party Animals
If it’s nightlife you’re in search of, look no further than Verbier. Le Farinet reigns as the top club, bringing in live music and internationally renowned DJs. See and be seen on the glass-fronted terrace as you dance the night away… You might even be able to fit in some time on the slopes!

Best for…. Royals and Celebs
The British Royal Family have favoured Klosters as their ski destination of choice for years, and you’ll see why if you visit this exclusive, up-market resort yourself. For those hoping to keep a low-profile, this charming spot is the best bet for privacy.

Best for… Beginners
Val d’Isere features free nursery slopes and lots of well-linked, wide, “motorway runs” which give new skiiers the thrill of the heights without much risk. It’s the perfect introduction to the Alps, and many Olympic gold medal champions have made their start in Val d’Isere, so there is no shortage of inspiration at hand.

Best for… Explorers
Meribel is part of the Les Trois Vallées, the largest ski area in the world connected solely by ski runs and ski lifts. If it’s choice you’re after, you’d be hard pressed to find a more diverse and exciting area to explore. Purchase a ski pass to all three valleys and the pistes are yours to discover.

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Travel Photo Inspiration- Cumalıkızık, Turkey


The village of Cumalıkızık in Turkey dates back to the Ottomans. Charming, authentic, and unspoilt by tourists, this hidden gem is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. Wander along cobbled streets and immerse yourself in the history permeating every alleyway. It’s a detour from the beaten path that’s most definitely worth taking.

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Recipe for a Road Trip

Road trips… one of our favourite ways to vacation. The open road provides freedom and spontaneity, making travelling more about the journey than the destination. Here’s our winning recipe:

On the Road Layer Cake

Time: 2- 500 hours, according to preference. Serves: 4 or more, depending on vehicle.


1 car (we have our eye on this Mercedes SL350 convertible from Auto-Europe UK)

1-4 friends (sift out high-maintenance ones or complainers)

1 map or GPS

3-5 mixtapes or 1 iPod (Try this retro road trip mix from 8tracks.com)

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Find Your Perfect Getaway- What’s Your Villa Style?

What's Your Villa Style?


Newsletter sneak peek: Our handy-dandy flowchart will help you find the best way to escape…

Upcoming Travel Trade Events Calendar

Travel Industry Trade Fairs

From Marrakesh to Vegas, the travel industry is always buzzing with exciting events. Trade fairs provide excellent opportunities for learning about innovative new companies and the next up-and-coming destinations, as well as for lots of networking with key players. Travel companies and agents shouldn’t miss these upcoming events- here’s what’s on our radar for the next two months:

Pure Life Experiences, Luxury Travel Fair, World Travel Market, Luxury Travel Expo


Do let us know if you’ll be there!


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#TTOT Roundup- Communicating with Home


How do you stay in touch while globe-trotting? The #TTOT community tells us how they do it.

Q1 via @AboutLondon: Do you call home while travelling? How often?

Hejorama: As less as I can without my Mom launching a rescue operation on me… Mums do that!

tremendoviaje: I contact my family thru Twitter

easyhiker101: ALWAYS! Once a day.

worldswaiting: I call my Mum and write to my 93 yr old Grandma- she is my most loyal penpal!

Q2 via @traveldudes: What is your favorite way to communicate with family/friends at home?

MalloryOnTravel: Carrier pigeons though takes too damned long to catch them!

kangdamz: Twitter and Facebook!

HostelBookers: Tacky postcards to friends and flatmates, scenic ones to the old folks!

simoncrerar: Nothing beats a carefully chosen, carefully written postcard: something magical about holding a snippet of a country in your hand

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